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Gender issues in the information society
This paper explores the role and evolution of information and communication technologies in development. The authors point out that information and communication technologies could ....
Careseeking for illness in young infants in an urban slum in India
This article, published in Social Science and Medicine, explores the constraints in securing effective care for severe illness in young infants, focusing on an urban slum in New De ....
Open access to scholarly publications: a model for enhanced knowledge management? Reflections on the debate
This paper summarises the preceedings of the gpgNet Web Forum that ran from September 20, 2004, through October 4, 2004, and included over 670 registered participants, who contribu ....
Mainstream HIV prevention into ‘tsunami’ response
This rapid response to an article published in the British Medical Journal argues for the mainstreaming of HIV into humanitarian work following the Indian Ocean tsunami. The autho ....
Why should we care about child labor?: the education, labor market, and health consequences of child labor
This paper examines the consequences of child labour on the children’s education, wages, and health. The data is collected from rural Vietnam.The study finds that child labour sign ....
Hands-on computing with RunGTAP and WinGEM to introduce GTAP and GEMPACK
This document gives several examples of hands-on computing that may familiarise users with RunGTAP and GEMPACK software. The paper is divided into several parts, including:part A, ....