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Climate change in the context of development cooperation
Climate change issues disproportionately affect developing countries where economies are based on natural resources and related sectors such as agriculture and forestry. Countries ....
Can adaptation and mitigation be compliments?
It is often assumed that climate change mitigation and climate change adaptation are complimentary strategies to deal with the impacts of climate change. This is accepted to be tr ....
Coping with global climate change: the role of adaptation in the United States
Adaptation measures and strategies are complementary to mitigation and are a risk management solution that is in no way free of cost or foolproof. The authors find that the worthi ....
New indicators of vulnerability and adaptive capacity
In order to understand processes underlying climate change adaptation and response, and determine the strength and efficiency of adaptation strategies, there is a need to develop i ....
Financing adaptation
Climate change adaptation can not be treated in the same way as mitigation, and thus handling these aspects of responding to climate change also requires alternative financing mech ....
Adaptation to climate change: causes, impacts, responses
The threats resulting from climate change processes cause highly differential problems in different regions of the world, and we must assume that these impacts are likely to intens ....