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A cyber shepherd at work in the Sahel
This report examines a technological pilot project in Senegal that is proving pastoralists with electronic information about resources in transhumance zones.The pilot project is th ....
Knowledge based restructuring in transition economies: the role of business environment, competition and ICT
What drives the innovation process in transition economies and what is the impact of information and communications technology (ICT) availability and competitive pressure on innova ....
Enabling a digitally United Kingdom: a framework for action
This report on the activities of the recently established Digital Inclusion Panel, this report provides an overview of the current state of digital engagement in the United Kingdom ....
Intellectual property and innovation: changing perspectives in the Indian IT industry
The Indian government has undertaken significant modifications in the Intellectual Property (IP) regime of the country in recent years. This will lead to a realignment of business ....
Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) for Africa’s development
This paper makes a case for the importance of Information and Communication Tools (ICTs) for development. The report gives a few positive examples of how the introduction of ICT ha ....