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Macroeconomic implications of natural disasters in the Caribbean
This paper compares the incidence of natural disasters across countries along several dimensions and finds that the relative costs tend to be far higher in developing countries tha ....
Beyond climate: options for broadening climate policy
Exploring ways to increase the policy coherence between the climate regime and a selected number of climate relevant policy areas this report assesses the potential synergies and t ....
Climate change: information and suggestions [Bangladesh]
This paper attempts to provide an understanding of the basic process of climate change, the way people are contributing to it and what they can do to reverse the process.The paper ....
Continental divide: why Africa"s climate change burden is greater
Although the African continent has contributed the least to global warming, its’ people are likely to be hardest hit by the impacts of climate change. Regions in Africa that alread ....
A better future for rural girls: manager"s briefing kit
This briefing kit presents the results and recommendations of participatory research conducted with rural girls, boys, their families and local leaders in three rural communities: ....