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Individual good, public bad, or societal syndrome? A cross-country study of income, inequality and health
Economic inequalities and health are strongly and negatively correlated. However, there are conflicting explanations of the underlying causation. Therefore, this paper examines the ....
Beyond deaths and injuries: The ILO’s role in promoting safe and healthy jobs
This report, by the International Labour Organization (ILO), is an introductory report from the 18th World Congress on Safety and Health at Work which took place in Korea, 2008. It ....
World day for safety and health at work 2005: a background paper
This background paper was written by the International Labour Organization (ILO) for World Day for Safety and Health at Work. The paper highlights some of the major findings in the ....
Assessing emergency medical care in low income countries: a pilot study from Pakistan
Emergency medical care is an important component of effective health care systems. Unfortunately it is often overlooked in low-income countries, where the health care systems have ....
Urbanisation, global environmental change, and sustainable development in Latin America
Despite the central role of urban areas in socio-economic and geo-political change processes at the local, regional, and global level, as well as in the regional and global biophys ....
From grassroots to global: people centered disaster risk reduction
In April 2008 a group of 170 partners met in Panama city to attend the forum ‘From Grassroots to Global: People-Centered Disaster Risk Reduction’. This document records ....
Proposals for contributions of emerging economies to the climate regime under the UNFCCC post 2012
This report provides a detailed overview of the national circumstances, emission levels, mitigation potential and measures for the major developing countries of Brazil, China, Indi ....
Share – Managing water across boundaries
Nations share more than 260 international river basins which cover nearly half of the Earth’s surface. As demand for water grows in all countries, these shared resources will ....
Liberalisation of trade in environmental goods for climate change mitigation: the sustainable development context
This paper surveys the key issues surrounding liberalised trade in low-carbon goods. It begins with an overview of progress to date in the World Trade Organisation's (WTO's) negoti ....
Financing climate change adaptation in developing countries: current picture and future possibilities
From its inception, the international climate policy effort has predominantly been focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions to prevent climate change. The concept of adapting t ....