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Coming clean: revealing the UK’s true carbon footprint
The report argues that official greenhouse gas figures hugely underestimate Britain's contribution to climate change. It shows that adding in emissions from UK-funded operations in ....
Ten emerging e-government challenges today: the future may be sober and not hype
The paper gives an overview of the e- government scenario and identifies ten emerging e-government challenges. The ten challenges facing e-government are:achieving the objective o ....
Emergency information and communications technology (EICT) in disaster response
This document considers the state of emergency information and communications technology (EICT) in international disaster response, focusing on five regions of interest.The documen ....
Climate Risk Disclosure by the S&P 500
This report analyses the breadth and quality of the information that Standard &Poor’s 500 (SP 500) companies – mainly large American corporations - disclose to investors on climate ....
The urgent need to increase adaptative capacities: evidence from Kenyan drylands
This policy brief focuses on the development implications of findings from a three year research project to understand how conflict affects different people’s ability to adapt to c ....
Call for papers, sessions and conference: DSA Conference 2007 - "Connecting Science, Society and Development" IDS, Brighton, UK 18 -20 September 2007.
Call for papers and sessions for DSA Conference 2007. The theme is "Connecting Science, Society and Development" and will be held at IDS, University of Sussex, UK on 18-20 Septembe ....