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Analysing our energy future: some pointers for policy-makers
This report is a summary of the International Energy Agency’s latest World Energy Outlook. It focuses on its Alternative Policy and Beyond the Alternative Policy Scenarios – a deli ....
Getting started in electronic publishing
Electronic publishing has six key advantages over print - its international reach, speed of publications, additional capabilities, lower cost, new publishing opportunities and sust ....
Policy directions to 2050: a business contribution to the dialogues on cooperative action
This report asserts that the only way to combat climate change is through decisive, concerted and sustained actions between governments, businesses and consumers, and identifies p ....
Legacy of disasters: the impact of climate change on children
If children already constitute half of those affected by any emergency, how will they be affected by the growing number of climate change disasters? Using examples of recent disast ....
World’s top 10 rivers at risk
This report illustrates how the world’s great river basins are fast dying as a result of over-extraction, dams and infrastructure development, invasive species, climate change, ove ....
Gender assessment of selected e-business and strategies in Asia: the case studies of Malaysia, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea and Thailand
How can we ensure that women have equitable access to the benefits and opportunities made possible by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and how can ICTs be leverage ....
Climate Change 2007: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability. Summary for Policymakers
This report sets out the key policy-relevant findings of the Fourth Assessment (also known as AR4) of Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The ....
Evaluation report on training of trainers on UNCCD/NAP: DCG Report No. 47
Since 2002, the Drylands Coordination Group (DCG) has conducted five workshops devoted to the Training of Trainers on National Action Programmes (NAP) relating to the United Nation ....