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Agenda for climate action
This report develops and advocates a course of action for addressing climate change in the U.S. context. It makes fifteen key recommendations:Invest in science and technology resea ....
Climate change: the 21st century’s most urgent environmental problem proverbial last straw?
Published in: Adapt or Die: The science, politics and economics of climate change, this chapter analyses potential human and environmental vulnerabilities to the impacts of climate ....
The economic impact of telecommunications on rural livelihoods and poverty reduction: a study of rural communities in India (Gujarat), Mozambique and Tanzania
Aimed at a policy audience this paper looks at the use of various communications technologies in villages in Gujarat, Mozambique and Tanzania. ....
Can we still avoid dangerous human-made climate change?
This presentation, given at New School University, New York City, documents climate change and growth in greenhouse gas emissions over time and argues:the evidence shows that the l ....