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Study finds 44% of Jordan’s labour in shadow economy
AMMAN — Around 44 per cent of Jordan’s workforce in 2010 operated in the shadow economy, according to a study announced on Wednesday. “This magnitude requires intensified effor ....
Viet Nam REDD+ capacity building services assessment
This country report assesses organisations providing REDD+ capacity building services in Vietnam. The report identifies gaps in key areas that need to be filled in order for Vietna ....
Shifting the Narrative: Child-led Responses to Climate Change and Disasters in El Salvador and the Philippines
Children and young people are commonly treated in the climate change and disasters litera- ture as victims of natural events requiring protection by adults. This article critiques ....
Conservationists report progress in efforts to document, preserve Kingdom’s plant wealth
TAL AL RUMMAN — The Royal Botanic Garden (RBG) is compiling a list of Jordan's threatened plant species, which will be published in January 2014. The “Jordan Plant Red List” is ....
Community water saving project to receive cash influx amid huge demand
AMMAN — A grass-roots project that helps communities adapt to water scarcity while preserving natural resources is set to receive an additional JD1.5 million in funding by July, ex ....
Amman residents remain distrustful of tap water — study
AMMAN — Despite a drop in the number of complaints on the quality of drinking water in the capital, residents still avoid drinking from the tap and prefer bottled water, according ....
The atmosphere business
The contributions collected in this special issue of ephemera question the underlying ideologies and assumptions of carbon markets and bring to light many of the contradictions and ....
Jordan sailing successfully through difficult times — EU envoy
by Hani Hazaimeh | May 20,2012 | 23:24 AMMAN — EU Ambassador Joanna Wronecka on Sunday said Jordan has made positive economic and political reform measures over the pas ....
Role of policy and institutions in local adaptation to climate change: case studies on responses to too much and too little water in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
The Hindu Kush Himalayan region is predicted to be severely affected and socially vulnerable to climate change. This study delves into how political processes hinder or promote the ....
Real-Time Evaluation of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative Contributions to National REDD+ Processes 2007-2010 Country Report: Democratic Republic of Congo
This report is part of a series of real-time evaluations to assess the results of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) against its specific objectives and t ....