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Poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability through improved regimes of technology transfer
This paper argues that international technology transfer can play a major role for poverty alleviation, environmental sustainability and the the Millennium Development Goals. At pr ....
Cost effectiveness analysis of strategies for child health in developing countries
This article, published in the British Medical Journal, examines the costs and effectiveness of selected child health interventions: case management of pneumonia; oral rehydration ....
The business case for action on climate change
The first article in this collection reviews the findings and recommendations from a recent study commissioned by the Australian Business Roundtable on Climate Change.The study pre ....
Impact of global warming on Chinese wheat productivity
This paper argues that climate change continues to have major impact on crop productivity all over the world. While many researchers have evaluated the possible impact of global wa ....
Addressing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions in the Pan-Japan Sea Region: an overview of economic instruments
This report analyses atmospheric emissions in the Pan-Japan Sea region countries within the context of some of the economic instruments which are commonly used to address air pollu ....
Renewables 2005: global status report
This report provides an overview of the status of renewable energy worldwide in 2005. It covers markets, investments, industries, policies, and rural (off-grid) renewable energy in ....
International climate efforts beyond 2012: report of the climate dialogue at Pocantico
This report outlines the conclusions of the Climate Dialogue at Pocantico, a group of 25 from government, business, and civil society brought together by the Pew Centre for a serie ....
Crisis or opportunity: climate change impacts and the Philippines
This report aims to describe the climate change-related events obtaining in the country, which could form a part of a regional (Southeast Asia) perspective on climate change. The r ....