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Rapid Basin Assessment: Understanding the issues and formulating a response basin
Many river basins in developing countries are experiencing water challenges – declining dry season river flows and groundwater mining, inequitable access to water resources, ....
Adoption of the internet in rural NGOs in indonesia - a study on internet appropriation for rural sector reform
Today rural sector reform is a paramount issue in Indonesian development. Yet, different social actors have different perspectives and stances towards it. Non-Government Organisati ....
Understanding communication environments in Aceh
The earthquake and tsunami of December 2004 and the signing of the historic Memorandum of Understanding between GAM and the Government of Indonesia eight months later, ending decad ....
A survey of the Chinese working women"s reproductive health and rights in the garment sector
After new China was founded, a social welfare system was put in place based on the administrative separation of city and country. Under this system, the reproductive health and rig ....
Poor health, poor women: how reproductive health affects poverty
This article stresses the importance of reproductive health of women and its role in escaping or remaining in poverty. The article refers to data showing poor households tending to ....
The education sector HIV and AIDS workplace policy
This document from the Ugandan Ministry of Education and Sports (MOES) details the HIV and AIDS workplace policy for the whole education sector. The scope of the Workplace Policy i ....
Better connected: empowering people through communications technology
This guide discusses the role of Internet and Communication technologies (ICTs) in development. It takes a particular look at the relationship between ICTs and the poor. It aims to ....