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The validity of food miles as an indicator of sustainable development
This study assesses whether a practical and reliable indicator based on food miles can be developed, and whether this would be a valid indicator of progress towards the objectives ....
The enabling environment for mobile banking in Africa
This paper is based on the premise that mobile phones can offer a communications channel for initiating and executing on-line financial transactions. This channel may not only redu ....
Working to improve the reproductive and sexual health of young people: Save the Children"s experiences in Bhutan, Malawi, Nepal, and Viet Nam
This report outlines the experiences of delivering an Adolescent Reproductive and Sexual Health (ARSH) programme in Bhutan, Malawi, Nepal and Viet Nam. A participatory approach, in ....
How Europe"s risk regulations affect business
This paper argues that the business community in the European Union will continue to be affected by climate change policy.The chapter explores how European climate change policy ha ....
Bootleggers, baptists and the global warming battle
This paper argues that climate policy has not been developed in a vacuum. Climate change policy has been motivated by varying interest groups, and justified for a variety of reason ....