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Models for funding and coordinating community-level responses to HIV/AIDS
This research report from the South African Centre for AIDS Development, Research and Evaluation (CADRE) examines how community organisations responding to HIV can be effectively s ....
Digital poverty: Latin American and Caribbean perspectives
This book examines the problem of inadequate access to information and communication technology (ICT) and the need to develop appropriate pro-poor ICT policies within the Latin Ame ....
Young people"s forum: Disasters and the aftermath: building young people’s life skills for health and education: country consultations summary report
Young people in Indonesia, Pakistan and Thailand have been confronted in the past few years with a series of disasters of tremendous proportions. This paper reports on a regional f ....
The impact of companies and consumers on global climate change
This report details company ratings on climate protection which are based on a scoring process which screens publicly available information against 22 criteria drawn from scientifi ....
Youthquake: population, fertility and environment in the 21st century
Every country - not merely those in the developing world - would benefit from a national population policy that takes environmental sustainability into account. The planet faces th ....
Empirical forecasting of slow-onset disasters for improved emergency response: an application to Kenya’s arid north
This paper sets out to develop an empirical forecasting model that can predict, with reasonable accuracy, the expected welfare impact of impending drought. This work is based on a ....