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Mainstreaming gender into Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes: a training manual for water professionals
The training manual on mainstreaming gender into Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) programmes is an integrated approach to both gender and WASH issues. It aims to provide p ....
The interconnected impact of the media in Africa
Democracies are assumed to rely on an informed and active citizenry. Freedom of the press, freedom of speech, and access to a variety of independent media ... ....
Children on the frontline: children and young people in Disaster Risk Reduction
Children and young people are particularly vulnerable to disasters - one in every three survivors of the Indian Ocean Tsunami were women or children under the age of 15. However,&n ....
International carbon market mechanisms in a post-2012 climate change agreement
Market-based mechanisms have the potential to play a large role in the global effort to address climate change under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFC ....
Financing the cost of climate change: two perspectives on who, what and how
This report is broken into two parts: The World Bank’s climate change agenda: bridging the gaps or widening the North-South divide? and Financing adaptation to climate change ....
The right to survive in a changing climate
Climate change is a human tragedy which threatens to completely overload the humanitarian system. The potential human costs are unimaginable, and will be borne overwhelmingly by th ....
Rising temperatures, rising tension: climate change and the risk of violent conflict in the Middle East
Climate models are predicting a hotter, drier and less predictable climate in the Middle East, a region already considered the world's most water-scarce and where, in many places, ....
Migration, climate change and environment
Environmental factors have long had an impact on global migration flows. Although there is limited reliable data on the subject, the scale of such ... ....
The business case for high-biodiversity REDD projects
This report explores whether there is a business case for high-biodiversity REDD projects and schemes and how such a business case could be created or ... ....
Climate in peril: a popular guide to the latest IPCC reports
The main purpose of this short guide is to help bridging the gap between science and policy and to increase public awareness about the urgency of action to combat climate change an ....