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ICTs, adaptation to climate change, and sustainable development at the edges. An IISD commentary
This paper explores the potential of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to enable people to adapt to the consequences of climate change, particularly in the mos ....
Breaking global deadlocks: environment, climate change and global governance
One of a series of meeting reports, this paper attempts to refine the concept of how leaders play an instrumental role in addressing pressing global issues. The purpose of the meet ....
Mobile telephony and developing country micro-enterprise: a Nigerian case study
Can mobile telephony improve commercial supply-chains in developing countries? Informational challenges (absence, uncertainty, asymmetry) shape the working of  marke ....
Electronic media and human rights
Censorship in the Arab world is still rife, extending to all forms of media including print, television, radio and internet. However, the internet has also become a tool used to ge ....
Research on older adults with HIV
Almost 27% of all people living with AIDS in the United States are aged over 50. Heterosexual sex is emerging as the current dominant mode of transmission. One decade after the int ....
Promoting the development of the South in the trade and climate regimes
This South Centre bulletin highlights the need for an integrated approach to addressing the challenges of development and climate change. It argues that both the trade and climate ....
How to include terrestrial carbon in developing nations in the overall climate change solution
This paper argues that terrestrial carbon (including trees, soil, and peat) can be used to provide up to 25% of the climate change solution. The document focuses on the role and us ....