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How can harvested wood products be included in the UNFCC?
This paper describes the important carbon storage and substitution benefits of Harvested Wood Products (HWP). It notes that HWP from forests that are ... ....
Environmental tax revenues have a positive significant effect on innovation activities for wind turbines
This paper studies the impact of environmental regulations on the patent activities for wind turbines during the last three decades. The paper controls ... ....
Adaptation of water resource management to climate change in Africa
The continent of Africa is one of the most vulnerable regions to climate change, mostly through the medium of water. The continent has always had unpredictable ... ....
Blame and banishment: The underground HIV epidemic aff#31;ecting children in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
This report, published by UNICEF, highlights the issues faced by children living with HIV, adolescents engaged in risky behaviours, pregnant women using drugs, and the more than on ....
First reduce harm: tackling HIV in Ukraine
This paper, published in The Lancet, presents a report on harm-reduction projects in Ukraine. Key highlights of the paper are: Ukraine has the highest prevalence of HIV in E ....
The status of HIV in the Caribbean
This paper, published by UNAIDS, posits that  after almost thirty years years the HIV epidemic is still largely affecting most-at-risk populations in the Caribbean. Key issues ....
Integration of ICT industries making a positive impact on South Asian economies
South Asia region could emerge as an ICT hub of the world. ICTs could have substantial impact on regional cooperation and integration if the right policies, ... ....
Understanding the scale of disaster-induced displacement is essential for informing consistent policy
Forced displacement due to natural hazard-induced disasters is a large-scale, global phenomenon. This study focuses on quantifying peak levels of displacement, ... ....
Hydropower development in Guatemala ignored civil society and generated conflict
The debate about hydropower has recently been revitalised in the context of climate change and the large unmet demand for energy in many countries. ... ....