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Dried up, drowned out: voices from the developing world on a changing climate
Poor communities around the world are extremely vulnerable to climate changes at the local level. This report reveals that local environmental management can be a very significant ....
Enhanced: a Madisonian approach to climate policy
What works better - centralised control or bottom-up innovation? This paper explains that unlike global frameworks like the Kyoto protocol, globally "fragmented" climate change mit ....
Emerging issues in the interface between trade, climate change and sustainable energy
In order for countries to meet internationally agreed emissions targets, international trade policy will need to reflect these commitments. This paper argues that the aims of the K ....
Generating opportunities: case studies on energy and women
How can rural womens’ lives be improved through better energy provision? This report looks at gender and energy, and the increased use of renewable energy sources and expanded adop ....
Energy for the poor?: the Clean Development Mechanism
The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of the Kyoto Protocol allows developed nations to generate carbon credits by aiding poor nations to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions. Thi ....
Estimation of environmental efficiencies of economies and shadow prices of pollutants in countries in transition
The paper focuses on the consequences of the undesirable outputs of industrial production, such as environmental pollution, in countries in transition (CITs). According to the auth ....