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The role of sector no-lose targets in scaling up finance for climate change mitigation activities in developing countries
This paper discusses the role of Sector No-Lose Targets (SNLTs) in financing for climate change mitigation in developing countries. It focuses on the preparation of SNLT’s an ....
Last chance for the world to live up to its promises?: why decisive action is needed now on child health and the MDGs
This short briefing paper considers child health in the context of the three health-focused MDGs, identifies concrete steps needed in the coming months to put the MDGs back on trac ....
Food security in developing countries
In 2000, world leaders committed themselves to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The first is to eradicate poverty and hunger, including to reduce by half the proportion of ....
Climate change and energy in the Mediterranean
An analysis of climate change issues in the Mediterranean region with an emphasis on Southern and Eastern Mediterranean Countries (SEMCs). SEMCs appear to be more vulnerable to cli ....
Web Design Guidelines for Low Bandwidth
The biggest single factor in website usability is speed of response which depends on page size. In developing countries, many large sites are so slow they are unusable. Research ha ....
Financing sustainable forest management
Despite the adoption of many international agreements over the last decades, degradation of forests and deforestation has continued. Since this is largely due to the market's failu ....
Training manual on the human rights of persons with disabilities
The adoption by the United Nations of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities on 13 December 2006 is the result of years of struggles by members of the global com ....
Climate politics in the multi-level governance system. Emissions trading and institutional changes in environmental policy-making
Emissions trading has forged ahead as a climate policy instrument at several policy levels. The aim of the paper is to critically examine whether the rise in emissions trading ....